Google pixel 3xl spec leaks

Pixel 3xl:

Google is leaking of another good mobile will be very pleasure new to mobile making very happy.because Google newly updating their launching events.pixel 3 making very good of everyone


  • It is a very good notch 19.9 display SIMILAR TO IPHONE
  • Octo-core snapdragon 845 processor
  • 4 gb RAM and 64 gb ROM
  • Usb type-C charger
  • Also stylish headphone
  • Quick charger c support
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Adreno 615 will be supportive
  • May be we expect price range us 35k to 60k
  • Also LAUNCHING event oct 3
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    Qualcomm Releasing New Snapdragon 670 chipset

    Snapdragon 670:

    Qualcomm is a one of best manufacturing of mobile was launched this year lot of Snapdragon 600 series.This is biggest announced year of Snapdragon quality of ever in this chipset Making mobile every year making a new peak of developing in the world.


    Adreno 615 GPU AND KRY 360

    • it is the one of best feature of this version
    • Adreno is making good performance and smarter
    • Kryo is another making improvement of speed and boost of chipset
    • It will be more enhance power to mobile
    • Adreno 615 id a making good kind of improvement older version if this version.

    4G LTE

    • This a one of best improving of upload and download speed.
    • Upload speed is 650mb
    • Download speed is 150mb
    • More and more speed
    • High quality signal

    Camera improvement

    • Camera is a one of the best feature of all mobile users
    • 670 making more more and updating camera quality
    • Single camera is 24mp
    • Dual camera is a 16mp

    Other Features

    • Also supporting quick charger 4+
    • Bluetooth 5.0 is supporting
    • And more efficiently battery performance
    • Security improving more powerful
    • This feature we expecting this is end

    GOOGLE Finally Released by Android Name for Pie

    Android pie:

    Google is a one of the big company for today.also very powerful of Android platform making a new kind innovation and tech leader .

    Google making a very hard of Android and their user waiting what is going on next Android version.but now , finally making a Google Android name for PIE . Pie now officially update on Google pixel series and essential phones.they will be update on Android second patch level upcoming months .

    Android P FOR PIE:

    Android pie making a very lot of improvement for phone and next level of smarter and performance improving and also navigation gesture making new level of Android in the world.iy will world widely get in all mobile for upcoming Google events

    Android p beta version of 4


    ANDROID P IS a upcoming Android very new version of will be making a new kind of software updates and lot of new icon and smother and making new version.

    Now only available for pixel series . recently day-to-day updating for beta version .also few more days they publishing for new version of will making kind of lot of new Innovation that twch8 level.

    This is a sample of p updating beta version of Android . making all kind remaking and healthy of technology .


    RIL: Today launched a new jio giga fiber

    It is a making good of india.giga fiber is a better to every Indian.they connecting to large and small , medium business in India.and also lot involving smart home security connection .it is make a great way of India.That kind need to be in is a fourth largest connection service in India.

    There are features

    1. Price – 4500 you should be depositing (terms and conditions)
    2. Inside box- routers
    3. Upload and download 100mbps
    4. Also tv video calling support
    5. Higher registration city firstly buying
    6. Registration on August 15
    7. Option is a giga tv you can buying
    8. Smart home, highest internet service, clearly voice call supporting
    9. Voice command
    10. Including lot new feature available for this device


    RELIANCE Jio phone 2:

    Reliance Industries limited 41 st annual meeting .They launched new jio phone is a upgrade of jio 1.first jio was LAUNCHING in 2017 they following this is kind event launching.first mobile pri is a free cost of buyers.but you should be depositing 1500 rs .that is big agreement of terms and upgraded to Jio 1.that is a what we called jio phone 2.But they improving new feature . There are features blow


    It is like a QWERTY similar to old blackberry phone.

    1. Display – 2.4inch
    2. Memory- 512 ram and 4 gb rom up to expendable 128gb
    3. Sim – nano and dual sim
    4. Camera- 2mp
    5. Os- kai os OWN OF JIO OS
    6. WI-FI AND LTE
    7. BATTERY – 2000MAH
    8. NFC AND GPS
    10. PRICE – 2999RS
    12. Exchange old to new jio phone price 500 only but new 2999 rs

    Today jio launching new powerfull products

    RELIANCE jio is a one of potential given lot of new and cheapestly given in technology releative products.Because jio making a new way of connecting in india.Jio 22 months before launching jio free service for everyone .After they consuming small price after very popular in make a good development in india.Today globally comparing in india most using internet in India is a world top possion of three.The Ttue reason is Jio .after they launching new jio mobile it cost of mobile price is you deposit 1500 .Two years after they given your full cost of money.Today Jio 41 annual meeting at speaking CEO OF MUKESH AMBANI.

    WE are reaching 100million subscribers .so we announcing new products

    1. JIO PHONE